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New Build EPC's & PEA's


If you are selling a home before it has been built, you will need to provide information about energy efficiency in a Predicted Energy Assessment (PEA). This is the predicted SAP Rating and Environmental Impact (CO2) rating from the SAP calculations that should have been done at the design stage, to check whether you comply with Building Regulations. PEA's do not have a Recommendation Report like full Energy Performance Certificates.

For dwellings completed on or after 6 April 2008, you will need to give the prospective owner a full EPC and recommendation report. The EPC can only be produced by an Accredited On Construction Energy Assessor. Architects and others currently producing SAP calculations to show that they meet Target Emission Rates as part of Building Regulations will not be able to produce the EPC unless they have undergone additional training and joined an accreditation scheme.

The accreditation schemes protect builders and potential homeowners by making sure Energy Assessors have the appropriate skills to carry out energy assessments, and that EPC's are always of the same high quality.

To produce a new build EPC, the On Construction Energy Assessor will need to use a government approved version of the SAP software. The completed Energy Performance Certificate must be registered and stored in the national register at with a unique reference number. This must be done by the On Construction Energy Assessor in conjunction with their accreditation scheme.

An On Construction Energy Assessor should not normally need to visit the property to produce an EPC as the calculations can be made from scale plans and the design specifications. The EPC will be the result of the As Built calculations which is an extension of the SAP calculation needed for Building Control.

Building Control are unable to issue a completion certificate without an EPC. Furthermore the sale of the property cannot proceed without an EPC. This will also apply if a building is converted into fewer or more units and there are changes to the heating, hot water provision or air conditioning/ ventilation services. Homes will require an EPC on construction or such conversion from 6 April 2008.

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